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We conduct 'one off', bespoke assessments tailored to the needs of your child, with immediate feedback so that you can best plan a program of support. These take approximately one hour and can include the following:

Literacy Assessment - full, diagnostic assessment

  • Reading including blending, segmenting, code knowledge, auditory processing  and phoneme manipulation skills

  • Comprehension

  • Spelling

Language assessment - assessing received language. 


  • That is the level and range of language understood, giving a very good indication of academic ability and performance.

Visual Stress assessment ( Meares-Irlen syndrome) including a 'Rate of Reading Test.

  • Research shows that 20% of the population suffer to varying degrees from visual stress resulting in eye strain, headaches and words appearing to "jump" on the page.



Common Entrance 11+ and 13+

We prepare children for these examinations and we have knowledge of many of the local schools and are able to provide appropriate study resources 

One-to-One Assessments and Preparation Programs
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