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One-to-one Tuition

  • Is a proven way of ensuring that pupils achieve their full potential.

  • Closes the gap with targetted 'specific' support for the individual learner

  • Has a positive impact on learning, confidence and behaviour

  • Has, according to research, the biggest impact on progression

Monitoring and assessment
Focuses on the individual learner
Personally tailored
  • Is specifically designed for each pupil

  • Supports school work

  • Offers SATS booster sessions

  • Works at the pupil's pace

  • Will accelerate progress

  • Puts the pupil at the centre of the learning

  • Provides quality teaching

  • Gives individual coaching in specific techniques

  • Delivers well planned and prepared lessons specific to the pupil's needs

  • Provides enthusiastic teaching from subject specialists

  • Regularly assesses pupils ensuring continued progress

  • Listens to the pupils needs

  • Uses a wide range of teaching approaches - different tutors for different pupils

  • Regularly monitors and evaluates learning

  • Regular and up-to-date feedback

  • Tutoring can be quickly adjusted to reflect individual progress

  • Pupils can receive help with 'live' schoolwork and projects

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