• A quick reply to your initial contact


  • An opportunity to have a 'no-cost' meeting with a prospective Tutor before commiting to anything further

  • Appropriate course materials and well planned lessons

What can I expect?
  • Lessons at a mutually agreed time to suit all parties

When do lessons take place?
  • Tuition fees are paid directly to Basing Tutors leaving the relationship between Tutor and pupil focused solely on teaching

How do I pay for tuition?
  • All of our Tutors are individually chosen to be part of Basing Tutors' small team of professionals

  • All Tutors are educated to at least degree level and have experience of either teaching or tutoringTutors are qualified and subject specialists

  • Many of our Tutors either are or have been mainstream teachers who therefore teach their specialist subject(s) on a regular basis and maintain up-to-date knowledge of the exam curricula

  • Our tutors also bring with them a wealth of experience and subject knowledge 

Are Tutors qualified?
Where do lessons take place?
What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?
  • Lessons in your own home to save you time, effort and travelling costs or at the Tutors home depending on circumstances.

  • In order to allow our Tutors to plan their teaching schedules and enough time to make a difference lessons are booked and paid for in blocks of 4. Tutors will continue to work with any student for as long as the client requires. 

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