Our Tutors

Hello! I am Jan. I have been working in education for over twenty years. I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Education specialising in literacy and a former member of and Tutor for The Hampshire Dyslexia Association. I have an enhanced CRB and DBS check and am a Magistrate. My work with children with challenging behaviour led me to qualify and specialise as a Reading Therapist.


I set up my tuition consultancy 15 years ago, providing one-to-one tuition with the simple aim of teaching all children to read. News of what I was doing soon spread and my results and approach mean that I always have a waiting list and demand continues to grow. I continue this work alongside working extensively in schools teaching children to read as well as advising and training staff in my techniques.


I am passionate about reading and teaching children to read. I understand how life-changing being a ‘reader’ is and the difference it makes. I decided to share my techniques with others and published The Sounds Good Reading System.


I also teach Maths and English from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4 including GCSE. I particularly love teaching GCSE Literature and watching pupils grow in confidence and self-esteem.

Hello. My name is Charlotte. I am a graduate of the University of Exeter with a 2:1 degree in Mathematics. I tutor maths from primary through to A-level including further maths. Maths is something that is disliked by a lot of students when at school but I believe that everyone is capable of progressing with maths and achieving qualifications necessary for their future.


I have achieved my gold Duke of Edinburgh's award and last year I raised £500 for their Diamond Anniversary Challenge. I am patient, reliable and try to think of different ways to explain problems which is important as everyone has different ways of learning.

Hello my name is Steve. I’m based in Basingstoke and I provide tuition in the Sciences and Maths at secondary level. This includes Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths at up to GCSE level and Maths/Further Maths and Chemistry to A level. I studied Chemistry with Biochemistry at Oxford University where I gained a first class honours degree and also have a first class honours Open BSc in mathematics. I am DBS certificated and have lots of testimonials from very happy clients which I can share with potential new clients. Many students I support are siblings of previous students or result from personal recommendations.


I have undertaken some laboratory based research and also worked for a while as a pollution chemist in the water industry before joining the pharmaceutical industry as a learning and development specialist.  Since then I have undertaken a number of managerial roles in the Science and Technology sector and now provide one to one tuition in the sciences and maths. 


Several years ago I started to provide tutorial support whilst also working for a major organisation providing grants for scientific research and eventually decided to change career and as a consequence, for the past few years, I have been working as a personal tutor.


I work with each student to design a programme of study which is specific for their needs. We also work together to develop appropriate exam strategies and techniques. I have worked with many students of all abilities to help them achieve their full potential. 


I am a bit of an enthusiast when it comes to science. I am an active member of cafe scientifique which promotes public engagement in science and technology and also continue to study maths for fun.  It seems that the more you learn, the more you realise is still to be learned. So I have personal recent experience of the stress associated with preparing for and taking exams and am able to empathise with students.

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My name is Gabrielle and I live in Basingstoke. I have an MA degree in Classics from the University of Cambridge.

I have been a tutor in English, French, Latin and Ancient Greek for the past four years. I am available to teach at all school levels, from pre-GCSE to A-level and am up to date with the current syllabus for each subject. 

My philosophy in teaching is to make the learning process as enjoyable as possible! I strongly believe that each child has the ability to benefit from learning a language in its rich multiplicity of areas: from grammar and pronunciation to reading out loud and the written word. Many children can benefit from a deeper understanding of the shared structures of many languages, including all of the languages I teach.  This makes the learning process more interesting and provides ample outlet to satisfy the natural curiosity of children.

I also believe that there should be a balance between formal and informal methods of teaching a language.  When I grew up, we used to spend the majority of the time on detailed knowledge of grammar. While I think this gave me a very good formal grounding in learning languages, I also find it important to read actual stories in a language informally.  This brings the whole process to life and I have had great success in engaging pupils’ imagination by following this method. All my pupils acquire a detailed knowledge of the texts they study and their historical and cultural context. 


I am a flexible tutor and always seek to understand the strengths and needs of each pupil.  This means that my pupils can benefit from extra time spent filling the gaps in their knowledge and helping them to be more confident, which I find is a large part of learning a language and studying its literature.

Teaching Experience

I am a fully qualified and experienced teacher of Mathematics and have taught the full age range from 10 to 18-year-old students


Tutoring Experience

Although now retired from full time teaching, over the last four years I have been employed as a Home Tutor, by Hampshire Education Authority and in a private capacity, focusing on teaching the new specification for GCSE/IGCSE to all ability levels.  I tutor Year 10 & Year 11 students to help their understanding of the topics and develop their Examination techniques.


I have a DBS Enhanced Certificate along with the Update Service subscription which has enabled me to continue my development and experience in the Education



Examination Experience

I am currently employed as an Assistant Examiner for several Examination Boards and have recently completed a successful marking period with AQA, Edexcel & OCR. This has provided me with an insight into the structure of the various syllabi.



Other Experience

I have also worked in the industrial sector, training adults to use business applications


My name is Nirupa and I live on the outskirts of       

Basingstoke with my family.

Being a doctorate in Chemistry I have a strong educational background and therefore can bring a lot to the learning process. I am DBS checked with an enhanced DBS certificate. I have also completed a Level 3 certificate in Education and Training.

I have had the opportunity of living in Tokyo and Perth, two fantastic cities. During my stay in Tokyo I taught chemistry to year 12 students at a top IB school. I am available to teach Chemistry at both GCSE and A level across OCR, AQA and Edexcel examination boards. 


My teaching style is adaptable but very thorough and result oriented. I place a lot of emphasis on exam technique which I believe can only be attained after a thorough understanding of the subject. My aim is to help the students reach their maximum potential by supporting them every step of the way.

My name is Catherine. I live in Old Basing with my partner and taught in Primary Schools as a class teacher for 20 years, before working as a tutor for the past two and a half years. Some tutoring has taken place in Primary Schools, but mostly privately in pupils’ homes. I have a B.Ed (Hons) degree and am CRB checked.


I specialise in teaching Primary School children as well as children in Years 7 and 8 at Secondary School. The main subjects I teach are Maths and English and also piano, having achieved Grade 8. On some occasions I have had the opportunity to prepare children for SATs tests in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and preparation and support for 11+ tests. I would also be willing to teach adults who wish to improve basic skills in Maths and English.


I am a very enthusiastic and dedicated tutor, who is committed to developing children’s skills in Maths and English and in developing their self-confidence and self-esteem. I am able to develop very positive relationships with pupils and parents.

I am available weekday evenings throughout the year as well as weekends during the winter months.

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My name is Liz and I am a qualified English teacher and professional writer. I have a BA (Hons) degree in English Language and Literature and tutor students from Year 6 through to GCSE in Year 11. I have a detailed knowledge of the curriculum and the requirements of the exam boards: AQA, OCR and Edexcel. I am also a Mum to two children in Years 10 and 12 so have first hand experience of navigating the demands of GCSEs from a parent’s point of view. To this end I have lots of revision and motivation tips which I can share with you as well. 


I firmly believe that success in English is largely due to confidence and practice and to this end I aim to instill in my students a ‘can do’ attitude – it is so easy to get demoralised at school where many students don’t understand where they are going wrong.  


 I tailor each lesson to meet the individual needs of the student and I aim to make the lessons enjoyable, engaging whilst giving them the content and skills they need.  


I like to give my students a takeaway task, which they complete before the next lesson so I can mark and give them quick feedback. This consolidates their learning and gives them the opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice. It is only by ‘doing’ the work that progress is made. 


Above all, I aim to provide a welcoming and trusting environment, which gives the student confidence in their abilities and allows them to fulfill their potential.       

My name is Helen and I have lived in the Basingstoke area for the past 20 years. I have taught, mostly in primary schools but occasionally in secondary, for over 30 years. 


My first degree was a B.Ed from Southampton University; however, I recently completed an MA in Theology at Winchester which reminded me what it is like to be a learner rather than a teacher. I enjoyed the studying so much that I am hoping to begin a Phd
in the near future.

I particularly enjoy teaching Maths and English using a wide range of activities to engage learners in different ways. I believe that, to be effective, the learning process should be fun and I try to ensure that my students enjoy themselves as they learn.

After the busy environment of a primary school classroom, I appreciate the interaction with individual students which builds arelationship of trust and confidence. It is this relationship which boosts pupils' self-confidence, enabling them to accept the challenges of the learning process and helping them to become successful learners.


Tutoring Resume - Andrew 


* Professional full-time tutor and coach from 2010

Subjects taught: 


* Biology & Human Biology 

* Chemistry

* Physics 

* Maths & Further Maths (incl the options Statistics, Mechanics & Decision)

* History (all topic areas - lists can be provided) - exam board focus combined too with historical research and writing 

* Government and Politics 

* Philosophy 

* Economics 

* Business Studies

* Psychology 

NB: support available too in Sociology, Geology, Computer Science and Classical Civilisation. These subjects have been requested much less frequently. 


Age focus: 


* Mainly A-level and GCSE

* Some University specialisms 

* Support for KS3 


Exam Boards: all undertaken with significant experience


* Edexcel, OCR & AQA 

* WJEC (main exposure = Biology at A-level)

* Salters (Chemistry & Nuffield Biology - SNAB)

* IB

* Cambridge Pre-U


Other Services:


* Entrance exam preparation eg Public school entrance, Oxbridge, GMAT for Medicine 

* Coaching: exam preparation and study approach, ‘exam technique’, confidence building 

* Assistance in constructing Personal Statements for University application


University Qualifications:


* MSc in Global Security & International Relations 

* MBA in International Business & Economic Development

* BA in History and War Studies

* BSc in Physics 

* BSc Cell & Molecular Biology (Bioinfomatics & Computational Neuroscience)

* BA in Archaeological Science

Hello! My name is Alice. I’m 23 and I live in Hook.


I have a first class BA (Hons) degree in American and Canadian Studies from the University of Birmingham and an MA in American Literature and Culture from the University of Leeds.


I specialise in teaching English Language and Literature at all school levels, from primary to A-Level, and am up to date with the current syllabus and exam board criteria for these subjects.


I gained experience in teaching at university and have been tutoring on a one to one basis for over 6 months now, with lots of positive feedback! I also have experience in tutoring for school entrance exams.


I believe that an understanding of English is crucial to every child’s education. My aim is to boost the self confidence of my students so that they can all achieve their potential. I personalise every session of tuition entirely to each student’s needs, facilitating and adapting to their own specific learning style and ability. I am an approachable and enthusiastic tutor and I aim to make my lessons an enjoyable, engaging, and open space, as well as a place of trust.


I hope that together we will help your child to feel more confident and able in their learning of English.


My name is Lee and I am a highly experienced History teacher who also teaches English. I studied History at the University of Kent in Canterbury, graduated in 2002 with a 2ii BA (Hons), spent an amazing summer working as a guide in Hampton Court Palace, trained to be a secondary school teacher (PGCE) and have been happily teaching ever since! Although I have been a Head of Department and member of SLT in the various schools I have worked in, I am happiest when working directly with young people, helping them to gain knowledge, master skills and thrive academically. 


I was a Lead Practitioner for History in my previous school because I was so good at constructing engaging, challenging, clear lessons and helping students of all abilities to be the very best they could be (often better!). I'm excited to be working with Basing tutors and to have the opportunity to help local students excel in History or English. I'll take the time when I first meet a student to determine the best way for me to support learning and progress then, if you're happy with my suggestions, create sequences of lessons and activities just for them.


I am friendly, supportive and will quickly build a productive and respectful working relationship with students. My expectations are high but students rapidly see the advantages of my approach as their confidence soars and their results excel.

My name is Miranda and I have been a tutor for 4 years during which I have had great success equipping my students with the tools and methods to grasp a subject and achieve success. I often find it is the building blocks which are missing and so return to first principles and rules and teach methodically, until the student’s grasp of the subject enables them to flourish and enjoy it. My main focus throughout is to make learning fun, using a great variety of resources and the advantage of 1:1 tuition is that I can tailor the teaching methods to the needs of the individual student. In language teaching I particularly like to incorporate a lot of oral and listening content to increase the student’s fluency and confidence.

I have a degree in Applied Biology and have more recently completed a French teaching certificate at Reading University. I lived in Belgium as a child and I have taught French after-school clubs at Primary Schools. I have worked in a Lycée in France, studied the teaching of French from GCSE to A level, worked in the medical industry in export markets including France and Italy and presently work as a freelance translator of scientific material as well as being a tutor. I tutor French to A level, Biology and Chemistry up to GCSE level and Biology to A level and Italian to GCSE level.

I hope that we can work together to help your child reach his or her potential. I can promise it will be fun and enriching.

My name is Michael and I am a very experienced tutor of mathematics and currently offer expertise from Year 6 up to GCSE level. Having formerly taught in two secondary schools up to Head of Department Level I have a thorough understanding of how children learn mathematics and the demands of the curriculum and examinations.  I have been a marker for SATs and GCSE before so can coach well in how to answer exam questions. 


My tuition experience over the last 20 years has enabled me to develop a range of approaches with students to get to the root of lack of confidence and misunderstandings that arise in maths where often the ‘teacher magic’ in the classroom has left the student confused. I also have a diploma in teaching of low attainers in mathematics from the Mathematical Association.


I can be a caring, sensitive, attentive and professional solution to your child’s needs

My name is Jackie and I have been a personal maths tutor for several years. I live in Hatch Warren with my husband, dog, and three children (adults!), one just home from university, one at university and one at college.


I love to work with individuals and watch their confidence and ability grow in what can be a daunting subject. I tutor mainly GCSE and A’Level but have some experience of primary and common entrance. I am very flexible within my lessons and go with whatever the student needs at the time with an underlying focus on strengthening the basic skills.


I have a maths degree and prior to having children worked for several years as a systems engineer in the defence industry. I decided to stop work to bring up our children but have taken on part time work throughout, including working one to one for several years with two autistic children on a specialist learning program, and a year in a secondary school as a teaching assistant and many years as an exam invigilator.


Hello I'm Nancy.  I have been a Biology teacher for almost 30 years and for most of that time have been Head of Biology. Most recently I was Head of Science at More House School in Frensham.

I would like to help students to understand and do well in GCSE and A level Biology.  When I first started working I was far more interested in Human Biology and particularly infectious diseases and certainly never expected to enjoy plant biology and ecology as much as I do.  One of my other aims during is to become more involved in citizen science projects and I have been a trainee bird ringer for the past few years and to pass this enthusiasm for Biology onto my students.